Sunday, June 14, 2009

Workout Reports

Below are reports on prospects that have actually worked out with the Bucks. I will continue to update this list as more guys come in. I've also commented on how I feel about each player.

First Round Prospects

DeJuan Blair - The knocks on Blair are known; he's got some knee issues to match his relatively stumpy stature. But he was a productive college player and is tough as nails.

Jrue Holiday - People have been throwing around Gary Payton comparisons from time to time when discussing Holiday. He didn't have a great season at UCLA, but if you're going to struggle anywhere that is the place to struggle. They have a great track record when it comes to producing pros. Especially when the pros aren't named O'Bannon.

Eric Maynor - Maynor is a classic player; a four-year senior who got better every year and did everything right. He has good size but is not a sexy pick. Sexy isn't always a good thing though. Darko Milicic was "sexy."

Second Round Possibilities

Tyrese Rice - On ten separate occasions the fire department was called to Boston College games in Rice's career, only to find out that Rice was only metaphorically on fire and not literally flaming.

Jeff Pendergraph - Get To Know: Jeff Pendergraph. Hint: He loves waffles.

Jeremy Pargo - Pargo is like a Jonny Flynn Lite. Plus he has an NBA pedigree. He has proven that he can dunk on guys my size too.

Lester Hudson - I don't know who Lester Hudson is, but from what I've read about him I wouldn't doubt he'll find a way into the league. He's a great story and as mentally tough as anyone in this or any other draft.

Jerel McNeal - McNeal will go down as a legend in Marquette lore and a pleasant reminder of Sidney Moncreif in my dad's mind. The Bucks actually said he wasn't a good fit for them recently, but methinks that might be posturing. Why posture with a second round pick? I don't know, but I'm hoping that's what it was.

Greivis Vasquez - Greivis has enough swagger and poor shot selection to run his own AAU team. I don't know if that turns into a good NBA player though.

Luke Harangody - Harangody had a bad habit of fading away on his shots and not on his dinners in college. I've heard pretty positive things about him in his workouts though. But have you ever heard anything that wasn't positive on these workouts?

Bamba Fall - Dave Babcock: "He went to SMU, and I saw him play his sophomore year and I was very disappointed. He really had no game at all." Now you have heard something that wasn't positive. Actually please click the link on his name and read his quotes about his workout. They are the only ones that made me laugh, but they did a great job in doing so.

Josh Shipp - Injuries decimated most of his college career. compares him to Ricky Pierce, which is pretty fun for older Bucks fans.

Josh Heytvelt - Heytvelt will most likely be remembered for a very strong 2006-07 season. Oh, and that whole mushroom thing. Should have a solid career in Europe.

Jack McClinton - McClinton was a sharpshooter at Miami. He recently told DraftExpress, "Down the road, if I really keep working hard at my game, I see myself as a Mo Williams or a player like that." Not sure how Milwaukee will feel about that Jack.

A.J. Abrams - Abrams was a lights out shooter at Texas. He's an awfully little guy, but could find a home in the league the way Eddie House did: annoying people and hitting threes.

Brandon Costner - He's a pretty decent actor. Maybe he could learn the art of the flop? He had a standout freshman year at North Carolina State, but then kind of fell off. He may have a future.

Joe Ingles - If the Bucks took Patty Mills in round one and Ingles in round two they might be able to finish in the top seven at the Olympics in 2012.

Marcus Landry - One thing working in Landry's favor is the great success of his brother, Carl, another over looked power forward who scraped and clawed his way into a steady rotation spot for a playoff team. One thing not working in Landry's favor is that he isn't as gifted a player as Carl.

Alonzo Gee - Alonzo Gee has a great name. That is all I got.

Alfred Aboya - Aboya is interested in politics and would one day like to be the president of Cameroon. He's also 6'9 245 and a non stop hustler. That sounds like a guy I'd like on my team.

Jeff Adrien - Adrien is a slimmer and shorter version of DeJuan Blair. He doesn't have the nastiness or rebounding prowess either. He was a productive scorer in his time at UConn, but battled injuries frequently. He's probably fighting an uphill battle to make a roster. But hey, Sasha Kaun got drafted last year, so anything can happen.

Nando de Colo
- Hmm. A second workout for the French point guard. If he's French that means the Bucks may be able to stash him in Europe for a year or two and save some money. That may sound appealing for a team strapped for cash. Remember this name.

Kyle McAlarney - Big shooter. McAlarney would make even the most trigger happy pros blush when they watch his tapes from Notre Dame. That being said, he has great range and a great stroke. If Chris Quinn can make a roster then McAlarney should at least get some summer league looks. Maybe the Bucks will provide him that look.

Luke Zeller - Zeller was famously (in Marquette and the state of Indiana lore) picked over Dominic James as Indiana player of the year when they were seniors in high school. That may have been the high point of his basketball career though. Should have a good career in Europe.

Scott Vandermeer - Who? Well, he's 7'0. That's a plus.

Kleon Penn - Penn blocked a ton of shots at McNeese State. As I always say, there is usually a spot in the NBA for players who have one superior skill. We'll have to wait to find out whether or not his skill is superior.


  1. Love that Vasquez line.

    Agreed on McNeal. Especially if they don't get a little guy at 10 he'd be a great pick. And even if they do get a PG at 10 he'd be a good pick.

  2. I just don't get why Hammond would come out so anti-Mcneal. Second round picks are purely best player available.

  3. It's certainly possible Babcock was just trying to temper fan hopes, but it just made so little sense.

  4. Babcock said "McNeal probably wont even be around at 41 anyways." For Jerel's sake, I hope thats true. If not, what if he is available? What if the Bucks go with Blair or Hill at #10? Would McNeal then be in play at 41?

    Your McNeal link should go to this story:

    Rice and McClinton are the epitome of the term "jackers."

    Grevis Vasquez has that swagger that you love so much. I believe he said Cameron Indoor Stadium was "his house" prior to Maryland/Duke game this year. He went on to score 4 points (2-10 shooting) and Duke handed Maryland it's worst loss ever. Even more...he had run ins with the Maryland student section (remember, he plays for Maryland!) telling them to shut the F up, giving them the finger, etc.

  5. I love it when good players have swagger. I'm not sure Vasquez falls under the category of a good player.