Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mock Draft Talk

Chad Ford has released another version of his famous mock draft. I wonder if he and Mel Kiper ever hang out and toast to the spectacle drafts have become. They do such a terrific job covering their respective drafts that no one can doubt they would have success in whatever journalistic endeavors they would have pursued, but it seems as if destiny has called upon them to do what they do.

Ford has the Bucks landing the same player he had them landing during the last mock draft: Arizona's PF Jordan Hill. If you've read my recent post about Hill, you'll know I'm not so excited about it. But I'm trying to be more open to the idea. I have a friend who keeps insisting to me that Hill is going to be a terrific pro. His numbers look great on paper. He grabbed a lot of rebounds and didn't seem to disappear in big games.

I'll just have to avoid the youtube video of his ATTACK workout.

For a terrific mock draft database go here. They update at least once a week and have virtually every mock draft you need to see. For those keeping track, Draft Express still has the Bucks taking Jonny Flynn at ten, though they haven't updated this week. Dime (6/1) has Jordan Hill falling to the Bucks also.
He’s making a significant drop down the board only due to the needs of teams above this spot. The Bucks need a true PF and another tough guy in the paint.
Also I'd like to note that Dime has not typed a word about the Bucks since June 1. Sad.

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