Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Workout Reports

The Bucks brought in another group on Friday. This time there was more of a big man feel.

Jordan Hill - I’m coming around on the big man. There has to be a reason everyone is writing such nice things about him right now, right? I’ll bite the bullet and move him up to the top three.

B.J. Mullens – I’ve been fairly vocal with my distaste for Mullens, but with him I think it’s all about perspective. If a team drafts B.J. Mullens and expects him to be a very good player, then they have made a huge mistake. If they are drafting him with the expectation to be a good backup and energy guy, then they’ll probably be happy. The Bucks don’t really want that at number ten though. I hope.

Levance FieldsFields got the job done at Pittsburgh. He had a scrappy style and took a lot of big shots. He was a little overweight and a little overrated, but when it really counted in the NCAA Tournament he hit the big shots. He has a commitment from Orlando apparently for a spot on their summer league team. I’m okay with that.

Slava Kravtsov – On his profile there is a note that says on offense Kravtsov “…looks very limited, not always looking ready or interested in catching passes…” That is something you don’t read everyday. He’s not interested in offense. Hm. Nevertheless he’s seven feet tall and stands a chance to be one of the last selections in the second round.

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