Friday, June 12, 2009

Quick Draft Notes

Some quick notes on possible Bucks targets today.

You know how when someone could be a problem or there is word there is something wrong with a guy they call it a red flag? Well Brandon Jennings may have, in the eyes of some, just raised his very own red flag.
Jennings: Well, put it like this: If he was in a workout with me, Jonny Flynn, Jrue Holiday, Ty Lawson, Stephen Curry, he wouldn't even probably be at the top.

Reporter: You think he's all hype?

Jennings: Yeah.

Reporter: Because?

Jennings: Because he played in the Olympics, he been playing pro ball since he been 14, so you know, there it is right there. And you know, his stats? 26 minutes, and he be having like 16 points, 7 assists [inaudible -- sounds like he says 900] steals? Come on. Twenty-six minutes, and you have all that? So I really don't know. I really don't know. I can't wait to play him, though. I'm just letting y'all know that now. I can't wait.

It goes on for some time like that.

Chad Ford has all kinds of goodies in his recent draft buzz column. One of the most ridiculous things?
Ohio State center B.J. Mullens was slated to appear but pulled out of the workout on Friday. His agent gave word to the Nets that he had a promise in the Top 16 and was shutting down workouts. We'll see if the agent is telling the truth on draft night
How could anyone be interested in B.J. Mullens? Of course he has upside, there is nothing but upside. He's currently without much ability. When you're at the bottom you can only go up. Let's pray this supposed promise is not at pick ten.

Dime has some thoughts on Jordan Hill.

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