Monday, June 15, 2009

Back To School

Players of note who have returned to college for (at least) one more year:

Greivis Vasquez
Gani Lawal
Mac Koshwal
Luke Harangody
Devan Downey
Damian James
Tasmin Mitchell
Scottie Reynolds
Tyler Smith
Jarvis Varnado
Nic Wise

Of the players on this list, the Bucks brought in Vasquez, Koshwal and Harangody for workouts. None were contenders for the Bucks number ten pick, but could have been considered were they there for the Bucks second pick.

In other news the Bucks worked out six today. All could be candidates for the Bucks second round pick, 41 overall.

Jeff Adrien - Adrien is a slimmer and shorter version of DeJuan Blair. He doesn't have the nastiness or rebounding prowess either. He was a productive scorer in his time at UConn, but battled injuries frequently. He's probably fighting an uphill battle to make a roster. But hey, Sasha Kaun got drafted last year, so anything can happen.

Nando de Colo
- Hmm. A second workout for the French point guard. If he's French that means the Bucks may be able to stash him in Europe for a year or two and save some money. That may sound appealing for a team strapped for cash. Remember this name.

Kyle McAlarney - Big shooter. McAlarney would make even the most trigger happy pros blush when they watch his tapes from Notre Dame. That being said, he has great range and a great stroke. If Chris Quinn can make a roster then McAlarney should at least get some summer league looks. Maybe the Bucks will provide him that look.

Luke Zeller - Zeller was famously (in Marquette and the state of Indiana lore) picked over Dominic James as Indiana player of the year when they were seniors in high school. That may have been the high point of his basketball career though. Should have a good career in Europe.

Scott Vandermeer - Who? Well, he's 7'0. That's a plus.

Kleon Penn - Penn blocked a ton of shots at McNeese State. As I always say, there is usually a spot in the NBA for players who have one superior skill. We'll have to wait to find out whether or not his skill is superior.

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