Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wayback Wednesday

I'll be back with something new on Thursday, but until then here are clips I found from the best two games I've ever attended. They do a good job explaining themselves but I'll add a personal touch.

This was the capper on a 20 some point comeback by the Bucks. If memory serves me correct this was before the "Malice at the Palace" and was against a Pacer team that was vicious. It was also calender night so the few fans that remained were throwing calenders every which way. Made for quite a scene.

This was the greatest sports moment of my life that I can remember. Or at least it was, this years Brewer team did a pretty awesome job competing for my attention. I'd never been at a clinching playoff game, much less a game 7. Also I thought Baron Davis was pretty badass before this, so it was satisfying to see him go down.


  1. Gotta get a stop and a bucket...stop and a bucket.

  2. The game where Mo hit that shot is the game where I jumped over you to get a tee-shirt that was thrown our direction.