Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Curious Case of Ramon Sessions

First it seemed that Scott Skiles did not know what he was doing. I couldn’t have been wrong. Then the more games the Bucks played the more obvious it became. I know it has been there all year, I just chose to ignore it. I talked myself into it and I believed, but no longer can I believe it. Ramon Sessions is not elite. Sessions has a knack for penetrating and finding open men. Luke Ridnour is not elite. Ridnour is a keen pull up shooter from 20 feet and as well as the Bucks have played this year this is something that I can’t help but worry about for the future. They are both normal players, with some abnormal abilities. When the Bucks sneak into the playoffs as the 7 or 8 seed, (5 or 6 if they get Carl Landry) and lose to the Celtics or Cavaliers I worry that they will talk themselves into these two as their point guards as I did before.

This is usually where I would make the case that in the interest of finding out just what they have, the Bucks should be heaping all of their minutes unto Ramon Sessions and finding out for certain whether or not Sessions has the gifts necessary to be a lead guard for years to come. Lately however I have come across a significant recurrence of a problem with Ramon that simply would not happen to someone who could be a lead guard on a championship team. It was pointed out to me before, and I vehemently argued and disagreed, but...Ramon Sessions cannot dribble a basketball. In all my years as a Bucks fan I have never seen a guard dribble the ball off of his chest or foot, or simply have it bounce too high away as often as Sessions has these things happen. For all of the pluses Sessions has, this is such a glaring negative that it cannot be overlooked, and would be a justifiable reason for why Skiles has opted against giving him the minutes we all assumed he deserved thus far this season.

Being that this is a problem I’ve never seen encountered in a NBA point guard, I do not know if it can be corrected. It seems as if this is the right crew to turn that around for Sessions, a no nonsense ex-guard of a coach on a team that needs a future point guard, but who knows if Ramon will one day be able to have the handle necessary to lead a team. However, knowing and admitting this does allow me to justify why the coach is playing what seemed to be his second best point guard who has already established himself as an average NBA player. It keeps my faith in what Scott Skiles is doing and that is a good feeling.

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