Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Week Ahead (March 15th-21st)

Today I was at work during the Bucks Celtics game. I was thinking I wouldn’t be missing much given the way things have been going lately. Around four I looked at my phone to see who played well in the loss and I actually made my shocked noise. The noise is like this:


That’s a long extended goo. Not go. Goo.

So I was pretty excited.

I’d say that I have a hard time believing that this really happened since I didn’t watch the game, but I need look back only to November to see that the Bucks key it up a notch against the Celtics–the champs will always get everyone’s best effort. Couple that with injuries to so many Celtics and the fouling out of Leon Powe and it’s believable (barely) that the Bucks could pull it out.

The question now is: What do we make of the Bucks big Sunday win?

Anytime you can win a game where you shoot 32 percent you must be doing something right on the defensive end. They will certainly need to continue that type of defense. The Magic are a team of long range bombers, a facet of opponents offenses that the Bucks have struggled with at times this year. The Celtics, Blazers and Magic present as big of a challenge as the Bucks have had in one week this year.

On the plus side Ramon Sessions is due for a big game or two the rest of this week after struggling against uber-athletic point guard Rajon Rondo and the point god Chris Paul. Charlie V. bounced back in the fourth against the Celtics to lead the Bucks to the W, so hopefully he’ll keep that up.

They passed the first test on Sunday so we’ll see if they have taken some of the luck of the Irish from the Celtics this St. Patrick’s Day week.

March 18th vs. Orlando (49-17)
Bad news for the Bucks is that Orlando shoots threes like they’re the Knicks. Except they are much better at it. Orlando has built their team with much attention to detail. They’ve essentially put a team of small forwards and shooting guards around Dwight Howard. Howard is a good enough defender to make up for many of their flaws–specifically when playing against the Milwaukees of the world. Problem for Orlando is that they currently have one-half of a power forward on their roster and his name is Marcin Gortat. I say one-half because I don’t know if he is from America, Sweden, Poland or Mars (I think it’s Poland).

March 21st vs. Portland (41-25)
For as much as we heard about the Bucks and Blazers making a deal deadline day I feel like I know everyone on Portland. Ask me Travis Outlaw’s strengths and weakness and I’ll tell you he has a mean mid range game and athletic ability, but can be inconsistent. Thank you Jason Quick. The most intriguing Blazer to me remains Jerryd Bayless. He looked like a super prospect to me earlier this year when Blake went down but has battled inconsistency like most rookies. I was pulling for the Bucks to take him last June so I feel like I have a personal stake in him. It’s always fun to have a guy like that and see how it turns out. The last guy I had like that was Marquis Daniels. That hasn’t turned out so well.

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