Friday, March 20, 2009

Things I've Done Right...Things I've Done Wrong

I'll be updating this list on and off for the next few days with how things are going in my NCAA Tournament Fan Experience.

(Updated 9:15 PM 3/22)

Things I Have NOT Enjoyed
  • Howie Long. He stands out alone here. I don't ever want to see another commercial involving Howie Long. Enough. I don't care what you have to say you smug bastard. If I had a truck I'd make sure it had that man-step just to spite you and your boxy haircut.
Things I've Enjoyed
  • Greg Gumble. Gumble worked up a sweat on Friday night throwing it back and forth between the Siena and Wisconsin games. Kudos to you Greg on a job well done. Speaking of the games they were terrific. I've been notably hard on Wisconsin before but that was a very gutsy and impressive performance. I've taken to calling Keaton Nankivil "The Anvil," I hope it sticks.
  • The Early Circle. My friend Chris decided to circle Wake as a winner about 10 minutes before the game even tipped off. Naturally Cleveland State proceeded to run off nine straight points to start the game and never looked back from there. The Basketball Gods do not like those who tell them what to do my friend.
  • Mormon Ball. I shouldn't really say I've enjoyed this, but I'd like to note that things did not go as planned for the Mormons these last two days. BYU, Utah State and Utah all fell. Street Toughs-1 Scrappers-0.
  • Dominic James. The game hasn't started but he's already a winner. He's like a chameleon, cut his foot off and it just grows right back.
  • The State of Wisconsin. Really impressive scrappy efforts from both state teams. Neither of them advanced, but they both put on shows and played their hearts out. They put some Madness into March and that's all you can ask for in the tournament.

Things I've Done Right

  • Gonzaga. The Bulldogs look feisty in the second half of their opener. In the opening night Jeremy Pargo may have had the dunk of the tournament over Froto on Akron. I'm feeling them as a Final Four team after round one considering Lawson's toe issue for UNC.
  • Flight Wright. A double double in round one looked nice for the high flier from Dayton. Best put by one Brian Bau, "The Wright Stuff is killing my bracket." Should have heeded my advice friend.
  • Greivis. Any time a player airballs a shot, gets heckled, steals a pass, drives for a lay-up and then puts his finger to his lips to hush the previously jeering crowd, then he's officially made a hell of an impression on me.
Things I've Done Wrong
  • North Dakota St. The dream was over before it began. They did give it their all though. It'll be fun to see Dayton beat Kansas I guess.
  • Illinois and Minnesota. Why did I pick Illinois and Minnesota? For years I've heard about how the Big 10 gets it done in the tournament. They play tough d, they don't turn it over, they make their free throws, blah blah blah. I should have known better than to trust a conference where they use medicine balls instead of basketballs.
  • Tennessee. Bruce you failed me. I thought for sure the Tennessee fun show would move into at least the weekend.
  • Memphis. I know they pulled it out in the end and there is plenty of time to recover, but yikes. A rather inauspicious start for the Tigers. Those free throw woes reared their ugly head again. I'm hoping they'll be able to beat Missouri in a 107-94 battle, but the structure has been shaken. Don't let me down Cap.
  • Tyrese Rice. Did no one tell him that he is suppose to be a jacker? Where did the 34 point half Tyrese go? 11 shots without a free throw in a tourney game? Really Ty?
  • Awfulzona. They are screwing everything up. Every year some team with a whole bunch of talent spends the regular season screwing around and not playing to their potential. Every year that team makes the tournament somehow or another and promptly gets everyone thinking they have a shot to make some noise since they were just underachievers, not under talented. Every year that team loses immediately reminding us all that champions win games, not underachievers. Awfulzona screwed that up by pasting Utah in round one. How will I know what to think from now on?
  • UCLA. The veterans did not come through like I thought they would. I still think Darren Collison has a bright future though. He looks like he could be a serviceable backup on the NBA level. Jrue Holiday could be a lot more than that. The Holiday takeover at the end of the VCU game was nice. That guy has arms for days. When he declares for the draft he'll be one of those guys we hear can open both car doors while sitting in the backseat.

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