Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Love From The Glove

There is a bit of a brouhaha brewing in Brewtown. (How about all those Brew noises I just made your mind say.) I noticed this on a JSOnline thread. Apparently the Bucks are not happy with former Buck Gary Payton, who is now working on NBA TV doing a show with Ahmad Rashad and Chris Webber.

He has received his share of text messages from players after his dressings down, and teams, most notably the Milwaukee Bucks, called the league to complain about Payton's assessment of Ridnour. Still, his on-air chemistry with former All-Star Chris Webber and host Ahmad Rashad is improving.

This seems a bit silly. I don't know exactly what GP has been saying about Ridnour, but I bet it's been hilarious. Is there anyone that hasn't been roughing up Luke this year? I can't recall one thing I've read this year that has said he is deserving of holding his starting spot over Ramon Sessions. Maybe GP just misses Milwaukee and is jealous of Ridnour...probably not though.

What's unfair though is that Ridnour has actually done a pretty good job. Just not as good as Sessions. That's awfully nice of the Bucks to come to his aid. I'm guessing Ridnour either doesn't watch or doesn't care what GP has to say if the article claims the Bucks and not Ridnour contacted him. Knowing what I know of Gary Payton I'm sure these spats only fuel his fire.

I've found a clip of GP that I feel is a pretty good demonstration that he's doing a great job. If you watch Chris Webber he certainly thinks Payton is worth watching. Skip to about the one minute mark to really see things take off.

Tell me that man is not hilarious. If anyone knows what the apparent riff is over I'd love it if you'd drop a comment about it.

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